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He combines his knowledge of the tourism sector in Mallorca and Menorca with more than 20 years of experience in the new technologies and Internet sector. CEO and founding partner of Neuronic, a digital marketing agency specialising in web design, ecommerce, SEO, and analytics, based in Madrid and with clients in the tourism and leisure sector in Spain, France, Portugal, Holland, Belgium and the UK.

Alberto Alonso Pulpón

CEO and founding partner

Passionate about tourism, she is a specialist in online marketing. From SEO positioning to social networks, Margaux is constantly learning about new technologies.

Margaux Rio

Digital Marketing

María has a great knowledge about Mallorca and she is the responsible for selecting businesses and activities suitable to Exclusiver. She is also responsible of event organization taking care of even the smallest details.

María Alvarez-Rendueles

Events and Associates Selection

She is in charge of the management and follow-up of the reservations of the villas in Mallorca and Menorca.

Eva Bermejo

Booking Manager

Advertiser by profession, specialized in Online Marketing in the tourism sector, is in charge of making Exclusiver known in any corner of the planet, even if the internet does not arrive. It is an anxious and restless mind, passionate about knowing more and seeing more. His extensive experience in the online world together with his constant recycling, allows him to face communication challenges with a new point of view.

Álvaro Rubio

Head of Online Marketing

Devotee to his job and enthusiastic about significant challenges and web projects. Luis Miguel is a Computing Engineer with a great experience in Web Programming and he is the technical responsible of the project.

Luis Miguel Vázquez

Chief Technical Officer